During the year of lectures a large amount of knowledge is being provided. The participants are learning about bone physiology and bone structure, surgery on basal implants, prosthetics and the maintenance. A separate session is given about application of basal implants in cranio-maxillo-facial surgery, including the technique of direct zygoma implant placement. During the seminars also dentist technicians are trained to create the prosthetic workpieces which fulfill the aesthetic and functional requirements. The participants are encouraged to show their own cases and treatment plans during this year of learning. After completing the curriculum all participants receive a certificate issued by the International Implant Foundation/Germany (www.implantfoundation.org).

The completion of this curriculum is one of the pre-requisites for attending the Master Exam for the „IF Clinical Master of Immediate Loading“.

This year the Master Course and Exam took place in Budva/Montenegro, during the period 9th - 13th of April. More than 20 experienced doctors from India, Jordan, Croatia and Romania came to Montenegro to take the exam. All these doctors were participating in the IF-curriculum in their home country, most of them were visiting IF-courses also in other countries.

During the two days of exam the doctors took a written test and had to present their own clinical cases.

Learning about immediate loading it a hot topic and presently only the IF offers this unique course. The technology gives the participants the opportunity to help their patients better, faster and cheaper. At the same time the technology allows treatment of medically compromised patients easier, and even heavy smokers can be treated.